City Motivators for City Takers: FIVE


 Here is the fifth of a series that I hope will be an encouragement to those who have a 'city focus'. 

City Motivators for City Takers: FIVE

Give me this mountain


When the 12 spies were were sent into the promised land, ten came back with an 'evil' report. (Numbers 13:1-3). “We are grasshoppers compared to those giants!" they said. But Joshua and Caleb declared, "No!". "Those giants will be bread for us, fear them not”.

Because Joshua and Caleb ‘wholly followed the Lord’ they became part of a new ‘faith’ generation that entered the land. When Caleb was spying the promised land beforehand, he was attracted to Mt. Hebron. This was where the patriarchs, including Abraham, were buried. Hebron stood for fellowship, intimacy, oneness and the place of covenant. But in Caleb’s time a massive giant called Arba reigned there... Mt. Hebron was in Kiriath-Arba. Caleb knew how significant Mt. Hebron was and what it stood for and, with Moses’ approval, Caleb laid claim to it. Numbers 14:6-12.

After living in the midst of an unbelieving nation for 40 plus years that included a 7 year campaign in Canaan, Caleb had not lost any of his heart's desire to take Mt. Hebron. He fronted Joshua and said, “Give me this mountain which Moses promised me!" Joshua 14:12. Joshua agreed to Caleb's request and Caleb subsequently conquered the entrenched enemy at Mt. Hebron at the good old age of approximately 85!

Decades later David was enthroned at Hebron, and all the tribes of Israel came there to help king David bring the Ark of Presence into Jerusalem. Caleb had prepared the way by taking Mt. Hebron. There is a ‘Mt. Hebron’ to be claimed by us in every city. Thus preparing the way for Presence. May we too see the ‘giants’ of our day as ‘bread for us’ and respond with Caleb-like faith as we face ‘our giants’.
God bless. Colin

1 Cor. 10:11 tells us that "these things were written for our example and instruction upon whom have the end of the ages have come”.

This card was given to us by special friends, just before we relocated to N.Z. Inside was an encouraging note that said, “Go. Get your Hebron!”

Now therefore give me this mountain



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