Many of you will be aware that in May 2018 Nigel Irwin became the leader of CitybyCity with the blessing of all the CitybyCity team members.


Nigel went on to do an excellent job in heading up Movement Day in Wellington in May 2019. After this successful event it was agreed that CitybyCity should slot under the name MoveNZ.


Since then however as Nigel explains below, in the midst of current challenges, he and the rest of the team, have had to re-think and pray over the overall future of MoveNZ and CitybyCity.

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Nigel. “During NZ’s COVID-19 lockdown, I became aware that God was calling me to make some changes in my own life and leadership. I discerned a clear and compelling vision for both the church I lead (Whanganui Central Baptist) and for Whanganui’s church unity network, OneChurch Whanganui. The vision for these was and is significant and will require my full attention and focus.

Alongside this, I began also to feel that my time at the helm of MoveNZ (and Pray As One NZ) needed to draw to a close. I wrestled with this for a few weeks before informing the MoveNZ and PAONZ teams of my decision.

Over the last 8-10 weeks, the MoveNZ team have met several times via Zoom to pray and discuss the way forward. During these conversations, it became clear that there were two separate but related visions – one being a continued emphasis on strategic unity in towns and cities throughout NZ, and the other being a return to the original City by City vision of encouraging and strengthening church leader networks around the nation.

Through several discussions and much prayer, the decision has been made by the team to reignite 'CitybyCity' and its regional, relational goals, and to invite New Zealand Christian Network to take on 'MoveNZ' and its national, strategic goals. New Zealand Christian Network have agreed to this, effective immediately.

I remain passionate about seeing the church in every town and city working together in the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace, to bring Gospel transformation and renewal to people and places.


I believe one of the most significant ways I can contribute to this is to lead well here in Whanganui, so that we have a testimony to inspire other cities and towns throughout the nation.

I wish you well in your own ministry endeavours – may the grace of God be with you, and may you be equipped and enabled through the power of the Spirit of the Risen Christ.
     Grace and peace”.



“Thank you, Nigel, for the update. Many thanks also Nigel for all you have contributed to both Movement Day and MoveNZ. We have appreciated your leadership. You have been and will continue to be a blessing to the body of Christ in Aotearoa.


Thank you also to NZCN for taking on MoveNZ. The CitybyCity team are confident that this will be a good fit and a blessing to our nation.”