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Our Glasses

June 13, 2016

Hi again. Some thoughts to share. We all have our way of looking at things – we all have our own worldview or even our own biblical worldview. Our worldview is often determined by what we have been taught, our own spiritual journey, our own calling and makeup that draws us into things we are passionate about. These things cause us to have our own set of ‘glasses’.

Because we have set our hearts to follow Jesus, to serve and honour Him we need to have confidence that our ‘glasses’ are OK. When we need a new set He will be there to supply new ones! The main thing is to be in fellowship with Him and with others who may see things a little differently. None of us see the full picture.

Our forty plus years of ministry has been marked by a consistent association with leaders who have had vision and zeal for THE church. Big picture people with nation, city ‘glasses’ and a passion to see the body of Christ united and built up, effective in each place. God used both their teaching and example to lay the necessary foundations for what was to come. When men of God began to prophesy things like ‘you will have a Barnabas ministry, you will go from city to city encouraging unity and prayer,’ it was only a natural outcome of God’s preparatory work in our lives over the years.

These recent years of ministry have been above and beyond anything we could have dreamed of. Grace and I have been able to travel, connect with and encourage so many who likewise have a passion to see God’s people united, prayerful, reaching their town, city and nation together. We are deeply grateful for the many who have enlightened and enriched us along the way.

What do we see ahead? Despite the obstacles, we see God’s people in each place, with His enabling, becoming more and more united, caring, prayerful – becoming salt and light - fixing our eyes on Jesus - looking expectantly through ‘faith-glasses’ … until …

‘we’re all moving rhythmically and easily with each other, efficient and graceful in response to God’s Son, fully mature adults, fully developed within and without, fully alive like Christ.’ From The Message Eph. 4:13

Until next time.

God bless.


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