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The Big Picture

November 2, 2017

Hi Again. Some books have a lasting effect. Devern Fromke’s book Ultimate Intention read over forty years ago was for me one of those books. In it he encourages us to keep the big picture in view, God’s eternal purpose in Christ. One illustration has remained firmly implanted.

‘A father helps his small son get ready for his first visit to the big city – the son is not excited about seeing the big city, preferring to dirty himself sailing his toy yacht in a puddle outside the house.’ The thought here is that as Christians we can fail to align ourselves with God’s big picture. Rather than be captured by the wonder of God’s overall plan for the cosmos we settle for something close at hand that demands our attention and restricts our vision.

We can easily reduce things to fit into our world view. One example of this is the disciples post resurrection conversation with Jesus. ‘Will you at this time save Israel?’ Jesus had already made it clear that the nations were now to hear the good news. The disciples seem to be struggling to grasp the big picture.

Keeping the big picture in view is so important. Many Israelites died in the wilderness because they failed to keep the big picture in view. They lost sight of that which had been promised by God. The Scriptures have plenty of big picture promises. We need the big picture so that we can be encouraged to go on in the midst of our day to day challenges. Psalm 22:27,28 (below) is one of many portions of the Bible that help me keep the big picture in view. What is your Scripture/big picture that keeps you going?

Until next time.

God bless.


Psalm 22:27-28 ‘All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him, for dominion belongs to the Lord and he rules over the nations.’