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The Power-Packed House

October 6, 2015

After the encouraging prayer stories in the last two blogs, I have been reflecting on my own ‘prayer journey’. I am deeply grateful that early on in ministry God chose to place me in a church that prioritized prayer, especially corporate prayer. The Monday night prayer meeting for the people of that church was ‘the place to be’. That was one meeting no one wanted to miss. It was a night of wonderful worship and fervent, ‘one-accord’ prayer. Much of the prayer was for needs in the wider Body of Christ in the city plus overseas missions. Looking back, those prayer meetings were life changing – a number of people had God encounters in them that led to overseas ministry.

That Monday night prayer meeting was the ‘power-house’ for a church that released so much blessing to the wider body of Christ locally and to the nations, particularly in South East Asia.

Does that mean I long for what I experienced over forty years ago? No, I do not. Every ‘local church’ needs a strong prayer base but what is beginning to emerge in cities and towns that excites me has the potential to be far better and do far more than what one local church can do on its own. Today, with the growing emphasis on doing things together (together is better) in our towns and cities, many Christians are realizing they need to link arms and pray with Christians from other parts of the body of Christ in their locality. When a good representation of the body of Christ, (especially leaders) in one place are united in their desire to ‘seek first the kingdom’, to gather regularly, humbly, passionately, to worship, pray and ‘seek the welfare of the city’, the blessing commanded will be much greater.

Ps. 133. ‘How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! …… For there the Lord commands his blessing even life forevermore.’

Until next time.

God bless.


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